The One Stop Shop

The Coyote Valley Convenience store has you covered for all your needs. Located 5 minutes North of highway 101.

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Hours of Operation

Open 24/7


77 Coyote Valley Blvd.

Redwood Valley, CA. 95470

Convenience Store

Drive around the store and pull right up to the window.


Order cigarettes, snacks or any drink directly from your car.


Limited to 10 items only.

drive-thru smoke shop

The GAS-ino offers an 18 and over, non-smoking casino.

 18+ mini casino

Propane available to fill your RV, portable tanks, and we can switch out your tank as well. Just ask our team members inside the store. 

propane station

High flow diesel islands to accommodate late diesel trucks and trailers of all sizes.

diesel island